Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Company Claims Great Income

HOUSTON - It's called MPB Today. After seeing the company's website presentation you'll likely excite why anyone would put up with the daily grind of a stressful job.

"Quick easy money, people need it fast and they think this is the way to do it," said Monica Russo, with the Better Business Bureau.

Testimonials from YouTube users

Check out all the YouTube testimonials. You will find scores of people praising the program.

"I'm talking about common folk creating $500 to $1000 a day with this program," shouts one MPB Today believer in his YouTube video.

You can easily find YouTube tales of early retirement, financial freedom and free groceries for life.

"You don't need to do anything. You just find two people and then you can make money," Shiying Shuang said.

MPB Today sounded pretty good to Shuang, who participated a presentation here in Houston. But her boyfriend, Roger Bartel was skeptical.

"It's a great presentation they have very professionally done and I want to see some numbers," Bartel said.

No Reply to Information Requests

But Bartel said the questions he e-mailed to MPB Today to get lot of information were not returned.

"I sent it 3 times and no answer," Bartel said.

Here's how the program works. You initially receive a $200 voucher from a grocery delivery company in Pensacola Florida called Southeastern Delivery. That company is owned by this man, MPB Today founder Gary Calhoun.

In addition to buying the $200 voucher from Calhoun's on-line grocery business and paying $10 dollars for your own MPB Today website, you have to recruit two other people into the program.

After those two people recruit two more people each, you complete a cycle. Then you get paid $500 and a Walmart gift card worth $200. After that you can make another cycle all over again.

BBB Says Business Model Unsustainable

Some folks have serious concerns about this type of business model.

"This model is unsustainable," Russo said. "There's only a few number of people you can get to participate."

In this YouTube posting, Calhoun says the $500 dollars people receive after cycling through the program has gone down to $300 dollars. He blames that on people dropping out or finding it hard to recruit new members.

"There's one drawback too," Calhoun states in the video. "It’s hard to continue cycling."

Owner Sticks by Company

But Calhoun claims people who hang with it can make even more money.

How? Through a bonus program that he says kicks in every time a person they brought in cycles once again.

"We have a big business to build and we don't want people leaving because they can't make money," Calhoun said in the YouTube video.

Analysts Says MPB Today Suffers Fatal Flaws

"I've analyzed over 350 programs," said Dr. Jon Taylor who considers himself an expert when it comes to multi-level marketing.

Taylor runs a non profit concern called the Consumer Awareness Institute and his website M.L.M. The Truth is dedicated to multi-level marketing businesses. We asked Taylor what he would tell people considering MPB today.

"Oh I wouldn't advise anybody close to me or that I care about to join in MPB Today or any program like it," Taylor said.


Because Taylor said his research into MPB Today found the same fundamental flaws he sees in many multi-level marketing businesses: You've got to pay to play and you've got to recruit others.

"It's just so easy and people are attracted to easy money," Russo said.

If you check with the Northwest Florida BBB you will search MPB Today has a "B" plus rating.

"It is essential for customers to read the whole report see what other companies are linked to it," Russo said. "Look at their past history as well and take that into consideration because ratings can change."

BBB: 2 Previous Companies Ended Dismally

Two of Calhoun's prior companies were multi-level marketing, the BBB said and both ended dismally. One of them, United Pro Media has an "F" rating with the BBB and a $240,000 judgment against it.

Calhoun blames the demise of United Pro Media on bad economic times.

"We bottomed out and unable to pay," Calhoun said of the judgment.

What does Calhoun have to say about all the glowing YouTube testimonials?

While some of his affiliates are experiencing tremendous success, Calhoun said that's not typical. As with any entrepreneurial company, some affiliates make great money but most don't.

"Even though a high percentage of affiliates have made money," Calhoun said, his focus is to create "a massive customer base" for his grocery home delivery business.

Food for Thought

Weather or not MPB Today is the road to financial freedom depends of course on who you ask.

But think about this:

If it was easy to get free groceries for life and a fantastic income to boot, wouldn't we see certain cars and stressed out faces stuck in rush hour traffic?

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